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I gave it as a gift to my niece, and found out that it’s her favorite Christmas present. I’m so glad that she loves it.

This is a good idea.. very portable. Easy to use. Helps with memorizing chords and practicing finger placement.

I have used a variety of these through the years and these are the best yet. If the clothing item on the hanger is bulky, they still work.

My wife praised me, she felt great, very practical.

these work great. I am finally getting my closet organized

It save my space. That’s all I can say my closet so neat I use it for my blouse and now my closet feels so so neat and so empty. That I need more clothes.

This organizer is exactly as pictured and can hold a lot of items if you know how to place them. It rotates smoothly (in the vid there is a box next to it that was stopping it from spinning). It’s design is very chic and modern. When I first opened the package I thought that I would have to order another because it looked really small, but I was wrong. I had products scattered all over my dresser and I was able to fit a majority of them in this organizer. Now I have tons of space on my dresser.

My son has been taking some amazing photos with his crystal ball, so I decided to buy this set of three. I have a lot to learn, but have really loved the results, even in my novice efforts!

I have used this a few times now and I am impressed! I have used several types of essential oils in it, both name brand and store brands, and the scent really spreads across the room. Depending on how much essential oil you use, it can be overpowering at times. I like that it will emit a beeping sound to let you know when the water level is low or is about to shut off. I also like using the multi-color function. The colors displaying in rapid succession are both cool to watch and soothing. (I have included a video )As far as appearance, before I ordered I wasn't really impressed with the styles available, but upon receiving, I really like the light wood grain I chose. It's very contemporary and stylish looking. The quality of the material seems durable and should be able to handle any accidental tumbles. I also like that this product has a warranty and I've registered with the company in case any problems arise in the future.

I really liked that these lights are so very bright. When I first got the box, I was in disbelief, but taking them out and seeing exactly how they are made and how bright, I can't decide whether to use them to decorate outdoors or indoors. Not bad for the price; the bulbs are very small, not at all like regular tree lights, but the flexibility cannot be compared to any other product.

I have an area in my home where I go to be creative, not really a studio, but a desk with various closets and shelves nearby. It is this space where I put the string of lights that I ordered. They make my creative space feel even more cozy than it already is. A nice long string with many lights on it. The string is made of wire, so it is very felxible and easy to work with when hanging the lights. I love them!

Pretty awesome toy. Got as a Christmas gift for my nephew since he's currently into transformers. Before I wrap it up, I checked it out to make sure if everything was there & worked properly. My two kids(4yrs & 7yrs) were all over it & excited about it!!! I kept saying I'm just testing it out for your cousin. Showed my husband & he was like, "Wow that's cool". After a few hours I found myself wanting to play with the toy, lol!!! I'm positive this is the coolest toy my nephew is getting for Christmas. Looks like I’ll be buying 2 more for my boys for Christmas.

Really cool device! I connected with cell phone and can easily capture the details of onion skin. It is very useful when you want to study the mirco structure of something. Highly recommended

When I received this toy, I was amazed. It comes with a very nice box. There are several different types of cars, trunks inside the box. It’s also a fun toy for both kids and parents.

Love it! Quick and easy. I use it a lot a home, take it to the gym and travel. Leaves my hair shinny and allows me to style it with out much work. Much easier than a dryer and brush. If I want to do it really fast, I would use the hair dryer for a few minutes and then move on to this and within 5 minutes I’m done. Love it!

This thing is life changing! I have very dry hair from lightening and it’s very frizzy and just looks awful after I wash it without a ton of love and time. This literally took me 20 minutes out of the shower (with a bit of towel dry time in between) and it was strait, shiny and so soft! Don’t even know how I lived without this for so long, and for someone who is hair challenged and could never figure out the dryer/brush combo this was a piece of cake. Highly recommend!! ❤️

I love it, but I've only been using it for two weeks. It does get very hot. Be careful not to burn yourself when styling, but my hair looks like I came out of a salon. I live in a very humid city, and it takes the frizz away, leaves my hair shinny and frizz free no matter the weather. I would also buy a smaller version of it if they had it so I could get more curls. So far so good!!!

I had this hair dryer in my cart for a few weeks contemplating if it would work or be worth the money. Finally, I just got it. I didn't see any instructions in the box, but how hard and complicated could it be? I've now used it every morning after washing my hair. No more going to work with wet, frizzy hair. In ten mins it will look as if I dried my hair and styled it with a flatiron but only better, with volume. It's replaced my flatiron on my bathroom counter.

I can't say enough about this product! I went to my sisters in Cali and I'm in Floirda (*read frizzy hair state) anyway, I forgot my blow dryer so she lent me hers. Well, my hair looked so amazing the whole time in California, but I really thought it was because of the weather...I was wrong! I ended up ordering one for home just to see the difference and there was none!!!! I have had so many compliments on my hair since I got it! NO FRIZZY HAIR IN FLORIDA! LOVE IT!!

I was expecting the hair dryer to arrive on 3/6 but it arrived on 3/3 which was great because I couldn't wait to try it. I love it and if you are one to use a brush and dryer to style your hair, this is for you. Il I only used the dryer, no straightener needed! It does an excellent job and I got so many compliments on my hair at work this morning!!

My hair is naturally wavy/curly and damaged from coloring and flat ironing it. I use a regular hair dryer, flat or round brush, and then I still need to straighten with a flat iron bc it’s so frizzed out and wavy...all while damaging my hair even more. After just regular blow drying my hair, my hair feels like straw, but this new dryer is life changing for my hair!!! It dried my hair super fast, it’s crazy soft and smooth, I don’t even need to straighten it!!! My picture might not look that impressive, but this is the best my hair has looked since I left my hair dressers!! Love everything about it!!!

My husband is a taxi driver. I bought this item for him. It's very convenient! Huge size. You can put dry food or soup. It's deep enough. And the food can be heated quickly. Love it!

Suave, lindos colores. Fue un éxito como regalo

I love these shelves!! I was looking for unique and they are. They look great going up our stairs. There are so many ways you can decorate with them. I ordered the 3 then realized it needed to be 6 to look the best so I ordered again. 😊 my hubby installed but seemed real easy.