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Free Shipping Available Worldwide!
Free Shipping Available Worldwide!

Benz G65 SUV Diecast Car Model

$ 24.99 USD

Making toy car models, we are serious, only do the best, most affordable, most needed, integrity first.

The car model is a kind of jewelry, but also a piece of art, fire-resistant, heat-resistant, beautiful, generous, is a good choice for family use or to send friends.

  • The car handles a variety of corners and sharp edges to prevent cuts. Cultivate and help children learn to share and interact with each other and enhance the fun of the game.
  • The angular design has been meticulously recreated, and the open doors complement the refined interior.
  • Mercedes-Benz G65, ratio: 1:32, size: length 15.5cm, width 6.5cm, height 6cm, beautiful appearance, manufactured according to the original car size ratio.
  • Made of high quality zinc alloy, ABS engineering plastic and rubber. The body is made of alloy and the texture is realistic.
  • The body logo is exquisite, the details are rich, and the craft is exquisite.

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