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Fire Breathing Dinosaur

$ 35.99 USD

If your children love dinosaurs they're to LOVE this!

Watch in awe as this dinosaur walks along wagging its tail, swinging its wing all while breathing 'fire'!

Simply fill the toy with water and it'll spray a fine mist from its mouth, lit up by an LED to look like real fire!

This dinosaur-dragon hybrid toy roars, walks, and breathes red mist that looks just like real fire.

  • Roars. his dino-dragon actually roars. Not loud enough to wake the neighbors, just loud enough to keep your kids entertained.
  • Walks. What kid wants a toy that’s stands still? Ours moves its legs and walks across the floor all on its own.
  • Flapping wings. If it’s gonna keep your kids interested, it better do more than make a little noise. This actually flaps its wings like a real dragon.
  • Flashing eyes. Turn it on and its eyes start flashing lights, sending out a warning that it’s headed your way. Better run.
  • Sprays red mist. This might be the coolest part. It sprays mist from its mouth that lights up red, making it look like a real dragon breathing fire.
Material: Plastic
Product Size: 47cm x 27cm x 17.5cm (LxWxH)
Suitable for Ages 3 & Up
Power: 3x AA Batteries (Not Included)

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