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Free Shipping Available Worldwide!
Free Shipping Available Worldwide!

Light Drawing Board

$ 16.99 USD

Who was it possible to draw with light?

Give Your Kids The Drawing Board For Their Imagination!

A magic pen that brings lightto life on your drawing board. Your child will love our Light Drawing Fun And Developing Toy, kids will play with this light drawing board forours, drawing anything they can imagine.



  • The light drawing kit leaves no marks or stains on yourcarpets, tables etc so never worry about those pencils and paints



  • With your kids as they enjoy and run wild with theirimagination, you can too with our light drawing fun and developing



  • With our light drawing kit your child will develop their imagination, stimulate their mind, their drawing skills and creative.



  •  The light drawing is perfecting safe for all. the Light DrawingFun And Developing Toy is made from 100% safe and non toxicmaterials


  • 👣Leaves no Marks or Stains
  • 👪Fun For the Whole Family
  • 🎨Develops Drawing Skills and Creativity
  • ✅ISO Certified and is Harmless for Eyes
  • 🚚Worldwide Fast Shipping for All Orders


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