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Free Shipping Available Worldwide!

Pet Finger Toothbrush

$ 11.99 USD

The Perfect Tool for the Teeth Job

      Ever wished to brush your pet's tooth and whitening them effortlessly? This dog finger toothbrush is what you need.No need to search for the best dog toothbrush anymore, you have found it. It's incredibly easy to use, very effective, and all you need to work it is your finger. 

Give your dog the perfect smile and fresh breath easily by using this finger teeth whitening toothbrush, and you can even use it with puppies.

Why is this the best dog toothbrush?

  • Good grip: So you can easily apply the whitening toothbrush your pet. It's all you need to clean your pet's mouth; teeth and tongue.
  • Unique design: That is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, making it easy to get puppies, kittens and new pets used to the act of brushing.
  • Remove stubborn stains: Protect your pet’s oral health and help them show off their heart-warming smile!
  • Reduce Odor: This toothbrush will leave your pet a clean breath and will definitely reduce bad smells.
  • Shine bright: Give your pet the perfect smile that will make you fall in love again with them.
  • A Puppy toothbrush: The toothbrush is small enough and gentle enough that it can be used a toothbrush for your small puppies without causing them any discomfort.

- Made out of plastic, silicone
- Diameter of finger brush: 2.5cm or 0.98in
- Length of brush: 2cm or 0.79in
- Height: 5cm or 1.97in

Dog Whitening Toothbrush FAQs

  • What is the dog finger toothbrush made of?
  • It's made of high-quality rubber that stays flexible and nice to the touch even with daily use.


  • How hard are the bristles on this dogs' finger toothbrush?
  • They are neither too hard nor too soft. They are soft but just not like those of a human toothbrush. They are just right for use with small pets.


  • Do Cats tolerate this whitening toothbrush?
  • Yes, but you will need some practice. Don't expect to get it right from the first try. It might take you a couple of tries to get your cat used to having your hand in her mouth, but it will be a piece of cake after they get used to it.

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