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Free Shipping Available Worldwide!
Free Shipping Available Worldwide!

Reusable Non-slip Rug

$ 12.99 USD

Rugs and carpets make your home look more beautiful, warm and inviting.

But even those gorgeous decor accessories can be a cause of concern for you when they curl up in the corners not only making the rug look unsightly and sloppy but also making you trip and slip when you step on the corners.

Your kids, elderly family members and pets are especially at a greater risk of tripping.

Special Features

1) Fixed the carpet and grand mat, and make them uneasy to move.
2) Silica gel material makes it soft, no-glue, and harmless to floor surface.
3)Tear down easily with no trace, washable and dry by airing to reuse.
4) Ideal for kitchen, bath, living room, and bedroom.
5) Paste the thin paper and then the non-slip pad for the rough carpet. 
6) Reusable: The rug pad can be pulled apart when you need to clean the rugs, and it can be reused after washing.


Dimension: 15 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm
Color: Black 
Weight: 73 g
Package Included: 1 x 4 Pcs Rug Grips 

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