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Free Shipping Available Worldwide!
Free Shipping Available Worldwide!

Rotating Seat Cushion

$ 19.99 USD

Struggle getting in and out of seats?

Whether you're getting in and out of the car, bed or your favorite chair at home, the rotating seat cushion is going to make things so much easier for you

Designed to rotate a full 360 degrees, the cushion allows you to easily swivel into position and it makes getting out a whole lot easier too!

Constructed with super soft foam, it gives you the support and comfort you need


Turns any ordinary chairs into swivel ones, reducing the strain, stress, and sprain on you when getting in / out of the seat, wheelchair, car, or any kind of transportation. Especially suitable for elderly, pregnant, disabled, people with back, hip, leg, tailbone, muscle pain suffers and difficulties, post-surgery patients, and those who is physically challenged, suffering from backache, waist, and lower body soreness, stiffness, or injuries.

Style: rotary type
Product life:8-10 years under normal use
Applicationseason: used in four seasons
Applicable models: five seater general

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