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Rubik's Race Magic Block Puzzle Game

$ 24.99 USD

Get hooked with this exciting, fast-paced game for 2 players that sparks your mind and gets your fingers racing! See who’s got the quickest hands and sharpest puzzle solving skills as you dive on one-on-one Rubik's Race Magic Block Puzzle Game.

  • Rubik's Race Magic Block Puzzle Game is a head-to-head puzzle challenge. Enjoy it by shaking it - sliding it - solving it!
  • Be the first to match the pattern on the scrambler and shut the frame
  • Shake the scrambler and then race to slide your colored panels to mimic the pattern
  • Contains game base, center frame, 48 colored tiles, scrambler, 9 colored mini-cubes and instructions
  • For 2 players, ages 7 and up
  • A perfect and great workout for your mind.
  • Improve your logical thinking and strategizing skills to help you solve challenges in your everyday life
  • Switch from the cheap, quick dopamine fixes that come with video games or other luck-based board games
  • This game offers healthy, long-lasting fun as you enjoy your puzzle solving accomplishments.

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